Private Consulting

NoveltyDC is Mary Kay Zuravleff and Jenny Moore

“Mary Kay Zuravleff has a revelatory understanding of the craft and process of fiction writing. Her workshops provide support, feedback, and deadlines so crucial for any writer, and they produce results. I know—I took one.” Caroline Preston, author of The War Bride’s Scrapbook

Why go private

  • you prefer working with a single mentor
  • you long to learn particular skills or techniques from a novelist
  • you need a boost for your entire book or just a troublesome chapter
  • you want honest, compassionate feedback and a plan for revision

“Jenny Moore’s attention to detailin every aspect of the manuscript, from structural integrity to character arc to word choiceundoubtedly played a significant role in my editor’s decision to buy the manuscript. It was, quite simply, a much better book because I worked with her.”—Julie Drew

What to expect

  • a thorough reading of your pages, respecting your ideas
  • a detailed written assessment: What’s the heart of your book? Where does it beat strongly? What still needs energy and attention?
  • a meeting to discuss your pages and the next steps
  • concrete tips for every ingredient of your book, from title to last line

Additional services include detailed help with tricky scenes or chapters, writing prompts suited to your novel, or follow-up coaching. We tailor our response to your needs. Doubts about your project? Want to discuss process, brainstorm solutions, or get inspired? Let us know.

“MaryKay Zuravleff is a one-woman MFA in fiction! Her teaching, editing, and support were invaluable in both my writing Meet the Moon and it being accepted for publication.”Kerry Malawista


Your cost is determined by hours spent and your desired level of critique. Contact NoveltyDC to discuss what you’re looking for and receive a free estimate. Fees start at $1200 for a 50,000-word novel. Usual hourly coaching rates are $150/hour, with package deals available.

We want you to succeed

Contact  Mary Kay Zuravleff at or Jenny Moore at